Military Troops: A Hero

The soul purpose of Military troop is to serve and protect the people and their country sovereignty. They fight for the country and give their life in serving the people. They put their lives on fire just to provide us with the peace that we want. They are willing to risk their lives on the battlefield, they fight and point their guns to their enemy to save us from any harm. They clash all their enemies, and they give all their strength to hold their firearms right on point. While they are in their battlefield playing the tag of the war of life, they are all in fear not to see their family again and missed the chance to witness their children grow.
The real battle that they have is their longing to be with their families. Most of us, think that they are the strongest people but inside their firm fist, behind their rifles and machine gun, and under their bulletproof jacket is their armed fewer emotions. In their battle or in every war that they had, they have their armed machine and protecting vest to save them from death. But, in the case of their inner self, they don’t have any protection that they can use to lessen the agony of being away from their family. Millions of wife and children experience living their life without husband and father, and most of them are from the family of Military troops.
That’s the reason why we call them a hero, and they deserve it. They made sacrifices just to give us peace that some of us thought that it could be achieved by just in a snap of our hand. But, we all don’t know that a lot of lives was a sacrifice to feel and experience it and lots of families were left. Let’s value them as they value us.