Military Robots

Through the advancement of science and technology, we discover inventions that could help to lessen the risk of losing the life of our law enforcement. One of the concrete examples that I could give is the robotics army and the automated machines that are very helpful in protecting once country sovereignty and people. If your fun of mind-blowing invention, I have here, something to share that will surely bring you to 21st Century Inventions that currently, Military troops have been using:
1. MAARS (Modular Advanced Armed Robotic System)
This created robot is made of full metal and armed with heavy and lethal armaments. MAAR was invented to serve as back up fighting the machine in case of shortcomings on the field of war. This device also has a unique feature that enables the military troops to monitor the moves of the enemy. The advantage of this invention as it allows the soldiers to breach the location of the enemy securely and reduces the threats along with their operations.
This device is advanced made for surveillance equipped with a 9-millimeter pistol. This DOGO was sent to the hostage building or place of the enemy, and this machine has a high tolerance in gunshots that will serve more purpose the military troops.
3. SAFFiR (Shipboard Autonomous Firefighting Robot)
SAFFiR is a human-like creation armed with heavy and lethal armaments. This robot serves as a support towards fighting the enemy. It also has a camera that able to detect the position of the enemy that assist the military troops to get a good shot of the enemy.
4. Guardbot
This robot serves a reconnaissance in military operations, and with a purpose of mind with an equipped with high quality cameras. This device comes with a unique feature that could navigate a different kind of hostile environments.
5. PD-100 Black Hornet
This device is flying surveillance that looks like a miniature helicopter. The PD-100 Black Hornet transmit clear and concise images and videos.